Reviews & Recommendations


These are comments submitted on anonymous evaluation forms.

From Therapy Group Members:

  • “What a fabulous group. I really am grateful that my therapist came across this and recommended it to me.”
  • “To have a diverse, but at the same time, much in common group of open and sharing souls was awesome!”
  • “Dr. Kylie’s comments and questions helped facilitate discussion.”
  • “What was most helpful was a comfortable setting in which I could express myself.
  • “Overall, the group was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about myself.”

From Students:

  • “Dr. Kylie was extremely well-prepared, but listened to the needs of the class and was very flexible in adjusting her agenda to fit class requests.”
  • “Dr. Kylie’s knowledge, understanding of theory, and intelligence create a dynamic perspective!”
  • Well organized, clearly articulated, warm and endearing, responses to questions – and she really knows the issues.
  • “Great energy and enthusiasm—so informed and engaging.”
  • Thanks for a wonderful workshop. Dr. Kylie is calming, knowledgeable, affirming, and encouraging which enables the learning-sharing experience.

From Therapist Training Group Members:

  • “Dr. Kylie was warm, gentle, attentive and provided an amazing conceptualization of the group using her knowledge of theory.”
  • “Deep thinking, empathic leader”
  • “The group leader provided and ensured a safe place for the group to explore feelings.”
  • “The instructor was fabulous. I learned a lot about group and myself.”
  • “The leader was able to own her mistakes which validated the members.”

From Professionals:

  • Professional references are available upon request.