Do You Need an Eating Disorders Therapist?

Do You Need an Eating Disorders Therapist? St. Louis, MO

Do you wake up every morning – Determined to control your eating and weight?

Do you go to bed every night – Disappointed in yourself and feeling like a failure?

An eating disorders therapist can help with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or a food addiction.

You may be wondering if you have an eating disorder. Do you:

  • Hate your body no matter what size it is?
  • Eat in response to stress, emotions, relationship problems, anxiety or depression?
  • Feel that you have a food addiction?

If you overeat, restrict calories, starve, binge, purge, over-exercise, or go on repeated diets and rebound in weight – These are signs of an eating disorder.

If you can’t stop thinking about your weight or your eating, this is another sign.

Call an experienced, full-time eating disorders therapist and specialist.

My private practice is a warm, supportive, personal alternative to large treatment centers.

I respect that eating disorder behaviors represent a person’s attempt to cope. Together, we will explore the meaning of the symptoms. That will help us identify healthier, more effective ways of handling stress, emotional pain, and relationship problems.

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You can recover from an eating disorder or food addiction.

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