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Thank you for the confidence you demonstrate in my work by referring a client to me for eating disorders treatment.

I treat all of the eating disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and other psychological issues related to eating, weight, and body image.

My treatment orientation is contemporary psychodynamic, influenced by self psychology, feminist theory, and family systems theory. I encourage mindful eating (intuitive eating) and promote a Health at Every Size philosophy.

Because the therapeutic relationship is the most important curative factor in psychotherapy, I encourage you to consider continuing to treat established patients yourself. I would be happy to make myself available for consultation or supervision to assist in your work with eating disorders.


Individual therapy and family therapy sessions are available for men, women, adolescent boys and girls.


Eating Disorders Treatment - St. Louis, MO

Binge Eating Disorder Therapy Groups for Women

Here is information about my therapy groups for women who would benefit from dynamic group therapy as part of binge eating disorder treatment. What members have in common is a deep devotion to self-awareness and the project of self-care and healing. They particularly value the acceptance and inspiration that comes from working together as a group.

Here is a good description of this kind of group therapy. Be sure to click on each sub-heading to expand it.

Group therapy is a distinct modality apart from individual or family therapy. It may also be an adjunct to your client’s individual therapy with you. In that case, we would establish a consulting relationship to address any questions or concerns, with the permission of your client.


Thank you for your referrals. I look forward to collaborating with you.

Call me at (314) 446-2899 or send me an email to ask questions or make a referral.

Kylie Dennis, PhD, LCSW

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