Individual & Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Private, individual theIndividual Therapy - Dr-Kylie-Dennis-PhD-LCSWrapy sessions are available for men and women who have anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or concerns about their body shape and size.

In a comfortable professional office setting, I listen and help you talk about the problems that have brought you to therapy. We work together to understand what makes it difficult to eat normally. We look into your perceptions and attitudes about weight, shape, and size and how you feel about your body.

Usually, other problems interfere with normal eating and healthy body image. They may include depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, pressures to lose weight, prejudice, oppression, abuse, and relationship problems. I do my best to make it easier to discuss and face these painful and embarrassing situations. I am trained to help you cope with these related problems, and find ways to achieve consistent, healthy eating and a positive body image.

Sometimes it helps to involve your family members in your treatment. We can discuss the benefits of family therapy or couple therapy before you decide.


Family Therapy

Family Therapy - St. Louis, MOAn eating disorder may seem like a mystery. Why would you hurt yourself and make your friends and family worry? You may not have any conscious awareness of the reasons.The rest of the family may be confused, clueless, and behaving in ways to make things worse.

Usually, the eating disorder is calling attention to something in family relationships that is not working for everyone. Maybe communication is difficult or the family has difficulty handling conflict or sadness. Modern families live with a lot of stress and little time for each other. The eating disorder may be pointing to a need for the family to reconnect and take better care of each other.

With your permission, I will invite members of your family to attend the therapy session. In family therapy, I mobilize the strengths, wisdom, and support of your family members to help understand and heal your eating disorder. Bringing the family together to solve this mystery can be a powerful technique. Each family member has ideas to contribute. Sometimes it is the youngest member of the family who sheds light on the situation. It is my job to help your family understand your eating disorder while finding ways for the whole to improve communication and strengthen relationships.

Family Therapy - Dr Kylie DennisI have extensive training in conducting couple and family therapy. I always treat teen boys and girls using this technique as I have found it to be the only method that works. I may recommend individual sessions for the teen as well, if that seems important. If you are a concerned family member who wonders how to help a loved one, contact me to discuss your family’s needs and how to motivate others to participate.

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