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Fees and Insurance


  • $ 50.00       90-minute Group Session
  • $150.00      50-minute Individual Session
  • $175.00      50-minute Family or Couple Session

Email me or call (314) 446-2899 to discuss fees for supervision, consultation, workshops, or public speaking.



  • The full fee is due at the time of each session (check, cash, Mastercard or Visa).
  • I will file your claim electronically. You will receive your benefit check directly from your insurance company.
  • Medicaid and Medicare do not cover my services.

Please call your insurance company before scheduling your first session to ask these essential questions about your out-of-network benefits:

  1. Does my policy cover a licensed clinical social worker who is out-of-network?
  2. My therapist only reports session dates, CPT codes, diagnosis and no other information. Is any more information required?
  3. What is the allowed amount of the fee for:
    • Group psychotherapy  (CPT code 90853)
    • Individual psychotherapy  (CPT code 90834)
    • Family/Couple psychotherapy  (CPT code 90847)
  4. What per cent of the allowed amount will you cover?
  5. What is my out-of-network deductible and co-payment?
  6. Does my policy cover charges for missed or cancelled sessions?

5 Reasons I Stay Out of Insurance Networks:

  1. Your needs come first.
    • Insurance companies often require me to put the needs of the company ahead of your needs — against my ethical code. Many companies refuse to allow me to advocate for you at all. They may ignore my attempts to speak in your best interest.
  2. Effective therapy requires privacy and confidentiality.
    • Insurance company contracts require me to give information about the content and progress of your treatment to employees of the company. I don’t have control over what they choose to do with your information or whether they protect it.
  3. Only you can determine whether your treatment is working for you.
    • If I contract with your insurance company, their employees will make this judgment without ever having met you or worked with you.
  4. Only you know when you are ready to end therapy.
    • Insurance companies may limit and deny benefits while you are still in therapy.  This can seriously hamper the effectiveness of treatment or interfere with your ability to continue sessions.
  5. You get what you pay for. 
    • Insurance companies pay therapists very low fees that have not gone up for over 20 years. Many therapists must overload their practices to cover costs and make a decent living. Extensive reporting requirements take up an enormous amount of time. I would rather use my time to provide high quality service to a limited number of patients. I can set aside plenty of time for updating my knowledge and skills.


How to Save Money on Therapy

  • Your out-of-pocket medical expenses can be reduced if your employer offers a pre-tax medical flexible spending account or if you have a health savings account.
  • Ask your accountant about taking a medical tax deduction for therapy.
  • You may save money with an insurance plan that has a higher premium, but better benefits for out-of-network therapy. Ask about a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO.


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We will talk about your situation and how I can help.

Kylie Dennis, PhD, LCSW

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