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Since 1986, I have led small discussion groups, taught classes, and spoken before large audiences on a variety of topics related to all of the eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and overeating.

Look below for some topical suggestions. I also welcome opportunities to start fresh with a topic that fits your organization’s needs. Contact me to discuss your needs.

For Parents and Caring Adults For Parents

  • My Child has an Eating Disorder: What do I do Next?
  • Treatment Options for Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder
  • Healthy Eating and Body Image: Creating a Healthy Home Environment
  • How People Recover From Eating Disorders
  • “I Don’t Have a Problem” — Signs and Symptoms of Eating Disorders
  • My Doctor Says Lose Weight — But How do I Keep it Off?
  • Stop the Overeating Battle — How to Get Your Eating Under Control


For Teensclasses-workshops-Dr-Kylie-Dennis-PhD-LCSW


  • Learning to Like and Care for your Body
  • Developing a Positive Body Image
  • How to Control Your Eating in a Healthy Way
  • How to Deal with Emotional Overeating
  • What if my Friend has an Eating Disorder?
  • Why are Girls Vulnerable to Eating Disorders and How can they be Prevented?

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