Binge Eating Disorder

Do you need a therapist for Binge Eating Disorder? Food Addiction

Binge Eating Disorder involves eating large amounts of food at one time for emotional reasons. Many people “graze” throughout the day, eating small amounts, but too many calories over time. Other people are “good” all week, and then “go for broke” on the weekends. People overeat in many ways that don’t always involve bingeing.

The key aspects of binge eating disorder are the overeating, and the use of food to self-soothe. These are the symptoms that I can help you address as your therapist.

Why willpower is not enough and treatment is important:

You may want to believe that willpower will solve the problems of binge eating. You hope that if you muster up your willpower on Monday morning and keep it going, you will get your eating under control, lose all the weight you would like to lose, and your whole life will be better. It seems simple.

Think of the total number of pounds you have lost this way over the years—You have proven to yourself that you have tremendous willpower. So why do you, as well as 95% of all dieters, regain the weight?

It is hard to admit that bingeing is a complex problem. You may be aware that binge eating counteracts stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and loneliness. You may be rebelling against tremendous pressure to lose weight from family members, society, and even yourself. Depriving yourself of food may feel scary and impossible to maintain. Losing weight may present you with a new set of problems you didn’t expect. You may find yourself questioning the amount of energy you expend on losing weight and coping with plateaus and rebounds.

Recovery begins when you acknowledge that willpower has not worked. When you give up the myth of willpower as a solution, you are in a better position to find more effective, long-lasting solutions to binge eating. You are free to listen to your body and use your feelings to find a pathway toward healing. You can admit that you need help and support.

Not convinced yet? Read my favorite book on the topic: The Diet Survivor’s Handbook, by Judith Matz.

I am an experienced Binge Eating Disorder treatment specialist.

I have been specializing full-time as a therapist for eating disorders for over 30 years. My private practice is a warm, supportive, personal alternative to large treatment centers.

I respect that binge eating represents a person’s attempt to cope. Together, we will explore connections between your binges and stress, emotional pain, or relationship problems. That will help us identify healthier, more effective ways of coping. We will work together on removing the obstacles to achieving consistent, healthy eating and a positive body image.

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You can recover from an eating disorder.

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